“Frighteningly strong nordicana – profound and gloomy but with light seeping in through the cracks”

– SIDE33

Bound by Law are the trailblazers of the Danish americana revolution serving a novel fusion of nordic attitude and outlaw country. Led by the resonating baritone vocals and thought-provoking lyrics of Mads Wilhjelm, and complemented by the impressive blues-harp skills of Jon Rahbek, Bound by Law creates a cocktrail of country, blues and rock that is truly their own.

Bound by Law’s shows are renowned for their intensity and sweat-soaked passion, that see audiences stomping and howling together with the band. It comes as no surprise that their dedicated fan base traverses the length and breadth of Denmark to catch the band in action.

“A word of advice: DO NOT pass up a chance to see Bound by Law live. Even if country music isn’t your ‘thing’, these guys will blow your mind!”


For the past decade the Bound by Law has toured Denmark extensively but their magnetic appeal transcends borders, and they’ve also found a devoted following on the international stage, particularly on Spotify, where their Nordic gothic sound has struck a chord with global listeners. 

In recognition of their extraordinary talents, Bound by Law was invited to the heartland of country music, the USA, as nominees at the prestigious Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards in October 2018. There, they not only represented their homeland but proudly walked away with the award for Original Song of The Year.

If you share their love for Johnny Cash, Ennio Morricone, beers, and good stories, Bound by Law is a must-see act whose electrifying live performances is sure to make for an unforgettable good time.